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If ever there was a security option that helpcomputing sells, that isn't an urgent requirement, then this is it. And yet, Content Filtering does have a role to play in securing your computer:

helpcomputing can block the kind of sites that often hides Trojan Horse style viruses such as Malware sites, News Groups, Filesharing sites, Freeware and Shareware sites, and more.

helpcomputing can protect search engines from malware that tries to divert the search elsewhere, and block search engines that aren’t protected.

helpcomputing can block categories such as pornography, drugs and gambling sites, and we can go on to define Content Filtering just for children, that secures a child’s computer.

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 can apply Content Filtering to any of your computers for any length of time and use it to block your designated sites – useful if you need us to ban or any other website that you’ve become addicted to, just so that you can get that project done, or some studying completed.

If you run a business, you do have a duty to protect your staff from accessing undesirable content on the Internet. We can work with you to design and block certain categories from your computers, thereby improving work efficiency and productivity.

Do you think that you need Content Filtering?

helpcomputing's Content Filtering can be ordered below. If you already have helpcomputing CloudCare Anti-Virus then we can deploy our Content Filtering via our CloudCare. But if not, then we will supply you with a link so that you can install Content Filtering to your computer.

And, of course, you may always contact us. You should especially let us know if Content Filtering is too aggresive for you. Or if you feel that it should block a certain website. Or if you'd like us to create a profile just for you - and block certain sites and categories.

Or if you have any questions before you sign up?

No. of computers to install CloudCare Content Filtering:

Above prices are for a year. We'll send you an invoice. You are only bound for a year. We'll automatically send you a new invoice each year and to continue your Content Filtering service all you need to do is settle the new invoice.

Log into your page here. Here is where we will securely store details about your computer and its security. We'll update your computer's security rating with any purchase you've made here. If you don't yet have a page, you can register at the login page.

More information about how we process the data that you supply here can be found in the privacy link at the foot of this page.

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