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Sentinel CHILD

You've chosen the Sentinel CHILD product. Good choice! Now there's pretty much no chance that your child will encounter anything unpleasant out there on the Internet. To get a better idea of the levels of protection that we shoe-horn into Sentinel CHILD please read the below.

Sentinel CHILD has the same Anti-Virus protection as helpcomputing's Sentinel HOME product. Your child's computer will be protected to the same level as computers that use our Sentinel HOME product.

An additional firewall is deployed to your child's computer. Here, helpcomputing blocks remote desktop connections to help prevent anyone evil from connecting to your child's computer. VPN connections are blocked too, to help prevent anyone from trying to establish a secure connection to your child's computer.

Content Filtering
Content Filtering is extensively used to block types of internet websites from being shown on your child's computer. By default, we define blocks on the following: Malware, unrated movies and TV, News Groups, Search Terms, Abortion, Cult and Occult, Mature Content, Personals and Dating, Self-Harm, Suicide, Violence and Gore, Pornography (but not Art Nudes), Prohibited (Criminal skills and hacking, Drugs, Gambling), Proxies and Anonymizers, Unprotected Search Engines, Blogs, Chats, Forums and Message boards (but Social Networking is allowed). Filesharing, free host sites, freeware and shareware is blocked.

There is a password that will allow you to override any page that is blocked by Content Filtering, should you wish to allow your child to see the page. You will be notified of this password when you have registered for Sentinel CHILD.

If you find that Content Filtering blocks certain web pages that you think that it should not, simply raise a support ticket by accessing the Comodo icon in the system tray. This icon will be installed for you when you register for Sentinel CHILD. Here you can also request a log of all websites visited by your child.


Item Costs
Add a computer to your Sentinel CHILD package. £10.00 per computer
Initial Check (normally a £30 charge) £0.00 per computer
Monthly fee £6.00 per computer

You can add up to 5 computers, including desktop and laptop computers to your Sentinel CHILD package. Your cost per computer reduces, the more you add to this package. You can't add any Apple computers to this package.

So, if you'd like helpcomputing to check your computer over, install our software (including our connected Anti-Virus), and protect your child, click here to register.