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So, if you've got a little time, please do drop us an email at We do listen and we are always trying to improve.

We just love it too when people are so nice it makes us blush. See further down for some messages that have been left previously...

Now I know what you can do, I will be using you a lot in the future and recommend all my friends :-)

Lyn Kennedy

I had been disappointed by the approach of other companies and then had the good fortune to come across Helpcomputing. The consultant was fantastic - he took a precise brief so he knew exactly what I was seeking to achieve; he clearly and simply explained the key milestones and timescales of the project plan; he managed the whole project extremely efficiently and exceeded my expectations both in terms of timescales and quality. Excellent value for money and highly recommended!!

Janice Joannou
Director, Rainbow Consultants

I commissioned Helpcomputing to design and set up my website. The result was an outstanding website that exceeded my requirements and puts my competitor's websites to shame. Throughout the process, Helpcomputing listened to and enhanced my suggestions. Helpcomputing made a number of excellent recommendations to improve the site which resulted in very positive customer feedback. I was fully involved with the process and the service was exemplary. I am delighted to recommend Helpcomputing and will continue to use their services.

Paul Traub
Managing Director
Paul Traub Associates Limited

I am a complete novice when it comes to computers..but Rob fixed my computer keeping me informed all the way what he was doing and made me more aware of different programmes (I hope that is the term!) to help me using my computer putting me at ease and making me more confident with my computer. I am very very happy with the service...Thanks again Rob

Cheryll Harewood

Robert was extremely professional and competent. He understood the needs of a small charity and was able to make improvements, even within a very tight budget. He was flexible, responsive to our needs and easy to work with. He provided helpful and practical advice, and communicated what he was doing throughout, so now we have a record of exactly what was done. Working with HelpComputing was a fantastic experience; I can't speak highly enough about this service.

Victoria Shaskan
Collective Artistes

I had the pleasure of working with Robert at Unicredit Bank for over 6 years during which time Rob and I were not only colleagues but friends. It was therefore a no-brainer that when we started ParityFX Plc in 2013 and needed the help of an I.T specialist we enlisted the help of Rob and his team. Words do not go far enough to compliment the awesome unbridled SERVICE and EXPERTISE that Rob offered. From the initial consultation to the final installation we could not have wished for or chosen a better person to help. ParityFX Plc is a financial services company that required extensive computer hardware and software, not to mention certain requirements as laid out by the FCA. As Rob works within the financial markets he was well aware of these requirements which made the whole process as easy as 1-2-3. If you are looking for someone that not only offers the professional expertise but also the INCREDIBLE SERVICE (incl. after sale) then look no further than Rob and HELPCOMPUTING. Rob gets 10/10 in every department. As Tina Turner’s lyrics go, Rob is SIMPLY THE BEST , BETTER THAN ALL THE REST..”

David Rosenberg
ParityFX Plc

You can only imagine the feeling of panic I had when, as a teacher, I plugged my USB into the computer only to find it ask me if I wanted to format the disk. NO I did not want to format the disk and lose weeks of planning that I had stupidly not backed up. I thought my work was dead and buried, until Robert got his hands on it. I was amazed to hear that he had managed to recover all of the data for me. I cannot thank him enough, and I cannot recommend his services enough!

Mark Linton

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