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You will be able to manage your helpcomputing login account and see your computers here.

We are all about making sure that computers are as secure as is appropriately possible. We will measure up your computer for how secure it is. We do this free of charge and we'll give you the all-important score for your computer. We'll be blunt and tell you if your computer's score is a bit rubbish. We'll make our suggestions on how to fix things up but beyond our suggestions, and as you might expect from helpcomputing, we won’t be doing any of that hassling and haranguing and calling and emailing you. Oh no. None of that.




If you don't have a username and password you can register by pressing the button below.

If helpcomputing should already know you and your computers and we haven't sent you your login details, let us know. We'll put a rush on and make sure that your account and your computers are correctly registered.

More information about how we process the data that you supply here can be found in the privacy link at the foot of this page.

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