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Welcome to the HOME package. You can think of the HOME package as Antivirus – on steroids. We want to protect your computer and your data at home – and here’s our plan.

protect your computer.

helpcomputing will install software to keep an eye on your computer's vitals. And install a top-quality Antivirus that will be connected to helpcomputing's systems. When your computer is connected to our systems, helpcomputing will often know if your computer has a problem before you do.

Package Monthly Cost Notes
HOME £8.00 Includes one computer
Initial Setup is £30. But there’s no setup charge if we already know your computer.

We will remotely connect to your computer when you are ready and we will perform an Initial Check – we check out your computer to make sure that all is well. We will get to work on any problems we find and let you know how we are doing. Then we install our Monitoring software and our Antivirus software. And then your computer is all set!

Cover an extra computer for only £3.00 per month.
Why not cover another computer in your home for an extra £3.00 per month? If we can remotely set your other computers up at the same time as we set your main computer up, there’s no additional Setup Fee.

Option Monthly Cost
Additional computer £3.00
And each additional computer gets the same check, monitoring software, antivirus and care as your first computer.

protect your data.

Backing up your data is the most important task you could ever do for your computer.

We’ll keep an eye on your computers. But something might still happen. It’s time to protect your documents and media – automatically. And the best way is to backup your stuff to the cloud.

We’ve chosen Microsoft OneDrive as the best option – and pricewise, the Microsoft Business Basic is very good value for obtaining 1TB of cloud space. That should be more than enough for your documents, photos and more.

Option Monthly Cost
Microsoft Business Basic £4.56
Initial Setup Fee £30.

We’ll help set this up for you. OneDrive is available on desktops and laptops as well as your mobile device. Once set up, you will be able to have all your stuff safely backed up to the cloud. And access your stuff from any other device, anywhere.

Your data. Protected.

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