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Send us an email and we can get talking. Talking? You can always call and we'll get really talking. WhatsApp us on the number below and you can tell us about your computer problem and send us screenshots or video clips.

You can't send us a fax though as we've got rid of that 80's tech. We had one for a long time but we hadn't received a fax in years... 

This is a good way to contact us. We generally don't use the post to send any documents because that's so 80's. Email also allows you to send us pictures of any problems as well as any documents you need to send to us. Please send email to:
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WhatsApp is a good way to start a convo going, and you can send screenshots and video of your unwell computer too. Use the number below to find us on WhatsApp.

Sometimes you need to phone us, if only to say hello! Or to find out our ETA to your place. Whatever the reason and whenever you'd like, the best number to reach us on is the one below. But please don't call us if you are from one of those PPI-claims companies.. 
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On the rare occasion that you need to send something by snail mail, our address for correspondance only: 

Suite 4472
Chynoweth House
Trevissome Park

Should you need to send any money to helpcomputing, please click this link to be taken to the Payments Page.

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