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CloudCare Anti-Virus

We worked with Avast, producer of some of the best Anti-Virus products around, to produce our Anti-Virus. Unlike any other Anti-Virus, CloudCare Anti-Virus is connected to helpcomputing.

CloudCare Anti-Virus goes beyond other free and paid Anti-Virus.

General Features Free AV Paid AV CloudCare Anti-Virus
Block virus and other malware Yes Yes Yes
Firewall No Yes Yes
Anti-spam No Yes Yes
Sandbox No Yes Yes
Connected to helpcomputing No No Yes
Unlike other Anti-Virus, helpcomputing will know when your computer has detected a virus problem and we can help.

At no extra charge, we’ll remotely double check your computer and run any additional scans that may be required - without you lifting a finger.

helpcomputing will know when your computer hasn't run a scan in a while and we'll automatically help - and you still won't need to lift a finger.

helpcomputing. We're connected to you.

We'll look after your computer. So that's one less thing to worry about. Helpful Anti-Virus. You'll get full strength Anti-Virus. And because of helpcomputing's system and human element, way beyond the capabilities of other Anti-Virus - to protect you better.

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helpcomputing will install CloudCare Anti-Virus. Your computer will then be connected to helpcomputing's systems. When your computer is connected to helpcomputing our systems will monitor the status of your Anti-Virus software and how it is performing. We'll know if your computer has a problem and check things out.

Product Monthly Cost Notes
CloudCare Anti-Virus £2.00 Per computer

Initial Setup is £30. But there’s no setup charge if we already know your computer.

We will remotely connect to your computer when you are ready and we will perform an Initial Check – we check out your computer to make sure that all is well. We will get to work on any problems we find and let you know how we are doing.

We next install CloudCare Anti-Virus. And then your computer is all set!

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