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We don’t think that any other Cloud Storage product integrates as well with your computer, or with Microsoft Office, quite as well as OneDrive. OneDrive is helpcomputing’s recommended cloud storage solution.

Once set up, any documents that you work on or stuff that you produce on your desktop computer, for example, are stored out there in the cloud. You might imagine later taking your laptop out with you. As long as your laptop has internet connectivity, the files you just worked on, on your desktop computer will automatically be accessible on your laptop.

You can start off with 5GB of cloud space for free. You might need to be a little rigorous and restrict the files that are stored in the cloud to perhaps just documents and just photos.

But if you want the chance to be able to access and recover almost everything on your computer, wherever you are, you’ll need to purchase more space.

Get enough space for whatever you need to backup

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OneDrive is helpcomputing's recommended method for backing up your documents, images, music, videos and any other files that are important to you to the Cloud. But to do this, you'll need plenty of space in the Cloud. Microsoft's 5GB of free space just won't be enough!

helpcomputing can offer you more than 200 times that free space that Microsoft offers for only £5 per month. That’s 1TB of space for you to share however you like across your Desktop PC, your laptop or your Mac. You’ll even be able to access your files on your Android, iOS or Windows Phones and tablets.

helpcomputing’s OneDrive is licensed for commercial use too so if you are running a business or thinking about doing so, rest easy. We’ve got you.

Order your OneDrive

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Here is where you can order your super-powered 1TB OneDrive.

This costs £5.00 per month.
Cancel at any time by sending in an email - our email address is in the CONTACT US menu.

Click the button below to set up a direct debit. helpcomputing uses GoCardless as an authorised agent to manage our direct debits. You'll be setting up a direct debit with our parent company, Cairos Computing Limited. When you click the button below you will switch directly from our secure page to GoCardless's secure page to complete your order. 

will charge your first monthly charge as soon as possible, and thereafter once per month.

Order your helpcomputing services

We can connect to your computer and set things up for you. We’ll make sure that your documents etc are properly synchronised to the cloud. We'll help you work with Microsoft Office and configure it for OneDrive. If you use a different suite, we'll work with you to optimize your settings.

Finally, we'll show you how it all works.

Each additional computer that you would like us to connect to and set up to the same OneDrive account is an additional £20. Let us know if you have more than one computer that you’d like us to get synchronised with your OneDrive account.

Number of computers to set up with your OneDrive account

Once you have chosen a payment option, log into your page here and schedule a booking. You'll connect directly to helpcomputing's calendar and you can book yourself in. If you don't yet have a page, you can register at the login page.