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"Hello again. It's the 21st century and in a dodgy world where people harvest email address and other detail, you'll want to know what helpcomputing would do with your data.

Nothing much. We'll use any information you provide us only to do what you'd expect of us. That is, we may use your contact numbers to contact you in order to progress your project or repair or service or purchase.

We'll use your email address to contact you.

We'll use your address only to organise a collection or delivery, or an agreed visit by someone from helpcomputing. Your address might be required in conjunction with your purchase.

We might email you to let you in on any relevant news or offers.

And that's about it. We won't ever sell or otherwise pass on your details."

Credit and debit card details

Neither, nor Cairos Computing Limited store your financial details. Purchases made via this website are processed by PayPal and we have no method of storing or retrieving your credit or debit card details. If you use your credit or debit card in person then the reader we use has no method whereby your card details are stored.

This means that once you have passed your credit or debit card details to us, it is only used for the purpose of completing your transaction with us. Once your transaction has completed, your credit or debit card details are not retained.

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