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We call our mailboxes, Professional Mailboxes. And that's because they go beyond personal email like Hotmail and Gmail. They go beyond problems such as reading messages on one device meaning that those messages can't be downloaded and read on another device. Professional Mailboxes gives you all the features that larger corporates get with their onsite mailsystems - and improves on them!

Now with Professional Mailboxes, you won't need to maintain or update mailservers in your offices and you can have as few as one mailbox to hundreds of mailboxes. Here are some of the features that you'll enjoy when you move up to a Professional Mailbox:

Feature Professional Mailbox Notes
Mailbox Size 125GB Corporate mailboxes are often restricted to around 2GB. We just increased ours from 50GB to a UK-based 125GB
Up to 10 email address aliases Yes This feature lets you have additional email addresses such as and, all arriving at your mailbox.
Outlook Web Access Yes You're away from the office and you don't have your mobile? No problem, use this feature to access your mailbox from any computer with Internet access.
Mobile 'Push & Sync' technology Yes Lets you sync your mailbox to iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Android. Your mail will instantly arrive on your device.
Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Yes Your mailbox has additional protection to guard against spam and viruses.
Calendar, Contacts and Tasks support Yes Your mailbox supports calendars, contacts and tasks and makes them available on each of your devices. If you and your colleagues have Professional Mailboxes then these calendars, contacts and tasks can also be shared between you.
Latest Exchange Server technology Yes Many corporate companies still run older versions of Exchange on older servers.
Every Professional Mailbox hosted on 3x Exchange Servers for ultra resilience Yes Your mailbox is hosted on multiple servers at multiple UK-based data-centres with data replication between each server. Your Professional Mailbox and its contents is extremely secure and safe.
Remote mobile data wipe Yes Should the worst happen and your mobile device is lost or stolen, we can send a signal to it instructing it to wipe your data from that device only.

Now you can access your business email...

... and respond from anywhere.


How can we help you?

Now that you know more about our Professional Mailboxes and how you can start with just one mailbox, how can we help you?

Prices start from £7.00 per month and we can take care of everything, including setting up a new domain if you need it and moving your current domain and mailboxes too. If you are upgrading to Professional Mailboxes, we can help with exporting your mailboxes and importing your data to your new Professional Mailboxes.

Please call or email us if you have any questions, or fill in the form below - and we'll get back to you.

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