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You have selected the Cairos Server AV service.

It's a good choice. Every server needs a good Anti-Virus system, and your server might well have one. If it has, we will upgrade it to the helpcomputing CloudCare Anti-Virus. Its core Anti Virus is supplied to helpcomputing by Avast, perhaps the largest and best supplier of Anti-Virus in the world.

We take this Anti-Virus and configure it personally so that it works best with your server, scanning what should be scanned and updating automatically. We configure every aspect of our Anti-Virus, and then we connect it to helpcomputing's systems. Now we can monitor your Anti-Virus in a way that no other supplier of Anti-Virus would.

Beofre we deploy this Anti-Virus to your server, we firstly connect to your server and run through some checks. We make sure that your server is securely set before we install our Anti-Virus.

And then that's it. We'll close the bonnet.

And monitor your new Anti-Virus...

Item Costs
Add a server to your Cairos Server AV package. £30.00 per server
helpcomputing CloudCare Anti-Virus (1 year) £20.00 per server
Security Check (normally a £30 charge)
£0.00 per server
Monthly fee FREE

You can add any number of servers to your Cairos SERVER AV package. This service is only compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

We'll perform a Security Check on each of your servers, where we run full checks to make sure that your computer is correctly set up from a security point of view.

So, to set up Cairos SERVER AV, click here to register.

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