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You have selected the Cairos Server AV service.

It's a good choice. Every server needs a good Anti-Virus system, and your server might well have one. If it has, we will upgrade it to the helpcomputing AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus. Its core Anti Virus is supplied to helpcomputing by AVG, perhaps the largest and best supplier of Anti-Virus in the world.

We take this Anti-Virus and configure it personally so that it works best with your server, scanning what should be scanned and updating automatically. We configure every aspect of our Anti-Virus, and then we connect it to helpcomputing's systems. Now we can monitor your Anti-Virus in a way that no other supplier of Anti-Virus would.

Beofre we deploy this Anti-Virus to your server, we firstly connect to your server and run through some checks. We make sure that your server is securely set before we install our Anti-Virus.

And then that's it. We'll close the bonnet.

And monitor your new Anti-Virus...

Item Costs
Add a server to your Cairos Server AV package. £30.00 per server
helpcomputing AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus (1 year) £20.00 per server
Security Check (normally a £30 charge)
£0.00 per server
Monthly fee FREE

You can add any number of servers to your Cairos SERVER AV package. This service is only compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

We’ll perform a Security Check on each of your servers – where we run full checks to make sure that your computer is correctly set up, from a security point of view.

We’ll install a call logging button on your server's desktop so that you can request help if you need it. You can still contact us in the old fashioned way, too.

So, to set up Cairos SERVER AV, click here to register.

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