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Welcome to Home Support.
Computer problems. Who needs them? You'd like to get rid of yours without paying an arm or a leg. We've got so many services and procedures that could fix your problem and we'd love to find the cheapest way to fix your problem. We'd like to offer to connect to your computer via the Internet and provide a free consultancy for you. We can then provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Of course, some computers may not be connected to the Internet or, due to the problem, they can't connect to the Internet. If you are in London, you should call us. We'll talk to you about the symptoms and let you know what we can do - we can visit you almost anywhere in London and we can often fix the problem on-site. But if not, we will bring your computer back to our office for further work. We can get out and about and a little bit further than London. So for example, if you need a computer repair in Bromley, or a computer repair in Croydon, or any of the outskirts, read on...

Our prices start at 30 and go to a maximum of 115 ex-parts.

We hold prices to that maximum even if we spend ages fixing your problem. Now then, we say 'ex-parts', but most of our repairs don't need parts because the problem is usually software-related. Oh, and if we can't fix your computer, there's no charge. Or if the costs to fix escalate beyond what's comfortable for you, then there is no charge (apart from the cost of any collection and delivery charges). That's just fair!

Some of our services are listed below. For more help, call us on:
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Security Check
If you would like helpcomputing to set up your computer so that it looks after itself, then we can do this with our Security Check. It's important to note though that we can't fix major problems with the Security Check.

For a small fee of 30, we will remotely connect to your computer and perform a security check, and then set up your computer so that it automatically looks after itself. We can't promise that you'll never encounter a virus, or a problem but with our precautions in place and you following our Safer Browsing guidelines, your computer will be in a safer place.
Want to know what we do in a Security Check? Click here for more info.

Cars need servicing. Computers do too.

We can service your laptop or PC at prices starting from 50. Most computer problems can be resolved with a standard service and this costs 50 and takes about an hour or so to fix remotely - where we connect to your computer via the Internet.

Some computers are in such a poor state, perhaps due to the presence of viruses and often characterized by poor performance, that a full service is required. A full service costs 90 and often involves over two hours of work. Would you like to know more about what we do when we Service your computer? Click here to find out more.

Some computers have a problem that is not easily resolved remotely. The problem might actually prevent us from connecting to your computer remotely. We'll need to define the problem and your computer will need a repair. In this case, we would need to visit your computer (if you are in London, or nearby - please check with us). We charge 65 for a visit that includes the first hour. During the visit we will attempt to fix the problem within an hour. If the repair takes longer than an hour then we would fix your total costs at 100, no matter how long it takes us to fix the problem. We may have to bring your laptop or PC back to our office. To cover costs, we'd have to charge you an additional 15. But we'd also bring it back and plug it all in for you, all in that price!

Would you like to read the small print on our Repair Option? Click here to find out more.

Repair Promises
Repair work is usually software related and so the most you would normally pay for our services is 100 (plus the additional 15 should we have to bring your machine back to our office).

We'll let you know as early as possible if your computer needs any parts and how much they would be. Then if you feel that the costs are spiralling and you don't want the work done then there'll be no charge - except for the cost of collecting and delivering your computer, if you've asked us to do this.

Which leads us to our last promise - if we can't fix your computer, there'll be no charge. Not even for returning your computer. Well, who wants to pay for nothing?


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