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The small print on the Repair Service

Only available for a PC.

Choose this option if your computer is faulty and we've advised that we can't fix this remotely.

Some faulty conditions can be fixed remotely and we'll always investigate the remote option because it is cheaper for you.

But sometimes for a repair, the computer can only be fixed by us visiting it. We can often fix it onsite, but sometimes we need to bring the computer back to our offices to continue to fix it.

We can't be explicit in terms of what we do, because each problem is different, but here are the outline steps that we take:

1. We speak to you to get an outline of the problem. At this stage, we will have determined that we need to visit you. Most repairs don't need parts, but if it looks like we will need to use parts, we'll let you know and give you an estimate.

2. We'll check that you are hopefully in our range. We cover most of London and the surrounding areas. We'll arrange a date and time with you.

3. We visit and attempt to fix your problem within the hour. Charges within the hour are 65. But we aren't clock watchers and if we can fix your problem at around the hour then that's fine too.

4. If we've fixed the problem, and not required any parts, then we'll charge you 65. You can pay by cash, or by credit or debit card.

5. But if the problem is difficult to resolve and we are into the second hour, we'll fix your costs at 100. No matter how long it takes.

6. If we've then fixed the problem, and not required any parts, then we'll charge you 100. You can pay by cash, or by credit or debit card.

7. Sometimes, the problem is so severe that it is better if we work on your computer at our offices. Some reasons are:

* A severe virus that is not easily removed with Anti Virus software

* Data recovery on a failing disk (this might attract an additional charge as data recovery requires extra time and is sometimes pain-stakingly slow) 

Computer needs parts replaced and tested

We'll charge you an extra 15.00 for collection and delivery to offset our costs. But your technician costs are still fixed at 100. No matter how long it takes us to resolve your problem.

8. We ALWAYS try to fix your computer without using any parts, but sometimes, we do need parts. We'll always advise you of the cost before we go ahead with any work.

9. We'll normally complete the repair and then deliver, install and test.

10. We'll then charge you whatever was agreed. You can pay by cash, or by credit or debit card.

11. If there is any data recovery that is required then we will discuss this with you. It is rare that a hard disk on a computer is in such a state that your data is not accessible. We may charge an additional 100 if we have to repair your computer and recover data. Sometimes, a hard disk can be in such a state that we cannot recover any data (in which case we would not charge you for data recovery) and you might have to consider whether your disk should be sent to a specialist data recovery company.

Now then, here's how fair we are. We've said it before but we'll say it again. Because we don't think any other company is THIS fair:

* If we visit you and we can't fix your computer, even after trying, then there is no charge.

If we visit you and then tell you that the computer needs parts, and the total cost is more than you wanted to pay (though we always try to minimize your costs) then there is no charge.

* If we take your computer away to repair and either:
  - We are unable to repair it
  - Parts are required to fix it and the cost is no longer acceptable to you

 - then we will only charge you the delivery cost (15) to return your computer to you. There'll be no charge for any technician time spent on your computer.

Credit and debit card details

Neither, nor Cairos Computing Limited store your financial details. Purchases made via this website are processed by PayPal and we have no method of storing or retrieving your credit or debit card details. If you use your credit or debit card in person then the reader we use has no method whereby your card details are stored.

This means that once you have passed your credit or debit card details to us, it is only used for the purpose of completing your transaction with us. Once your transaction has completed, your credit or debit card details are not retained.

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