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Monitoring and Maintaining your Server

What is a Server?
A server is a variant of a computer, usually designed to store business data such as documents, spreadsheets and databases centrally. A server is connected to a network. You can access your business data from any computer on the network. Servers can control access to the network and to business data by applying security using special server software. Servers can help to protect your business data from disaster.

Your server might be a computer that stores your business data. Your server might be a special computer with features like a disk array that protects your data.

If you have a server, then it needs a different kind of support. Support from people that know about server software. Usually, other IT Support companies tend to charge around £100 per month for Server Support, and with some justification. Your server is the most inportant computer in the network and if it is not working, your users may not be able to access their documents or even use their computers.

But we know that small businesses would find it hard to justify these costs. Instead, we think that small businesses might prefer to have the services of an IT Support company at hand. We think that small businesses would instead want a company that could monitor their server for any problems. Or an IT Support Company that would be as proactive as an in-house IT Department would be about looking after their server.

We're happy then, to present to you the options below:

At the very least, your server should have Anti-Virus installed. Choose this package to get the best available Anti-Virus, installed and configured on your server.

This package will benefit from a member of helpcomputing's staff connecting to your server to firstly install and configure our special Anti-Virus, and then performing an Initial Check to make sure that, from a security point of view, your server is well set up.

We'll then monitor your Anti Virus installation for any problems. We'll proactively deal with any problems indicated by our AV, and we'll do this free of charge. And for any other problems with your server? Well, we are just a click away...

Choose this package if you would like your server to benefit from a greater level of cover.

This package carries the benefits of the option above and it also performs a full monitoring of your server's vitals. We also run a more rigorous range of checks in our Standard Service. We will be able to tell if your server is suffering from a range of problems - and we can let you know. Early. And often before the problem becomes a crisis.

We can tell you how to fix the problem. And if you still need us, we can offer you our remote services at a priority, and at a discount. Simply because you are a member of the Cairos SERVER MONITORING group.

Choose this package because you want helpcomputing to become your Virtual IT Server Engineer.

We install Remote Control software and proactively look after your server's security. We'll manage your server software in addition to your Anti-Virus, maintaining this aspect to ensure that any required service packs and updates are installed. These actions alone will help to ensure that your server remains healthy. We'll work outside of office hours to minimize your disruption, giving you and your users prior notification.

If your server develops a problem and we feel that we can fix it during our maintenance window then we will, at no extra charge. And we'll let you know.

But if your server develops a more serious problem, such as a disk problem or a severe virus problem that requires significant resources, we'll let you know. We can then offer you our remote services at the highest priority, and at the best discount. Simply because you are a member of the Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE group.

These packages are only available for Windows-based servers or computers.

One-off Setup Costs £30.00 per server £50.00 per server £90 per server
helpcomputing AVG CloudCare Anti Virus, especially configured for servers (per year)
£20.00 per server £20.00 per server £20.00 per server
helpcomputing connects to your server(s) and ensures that it is well set up
YES - Security Check YES - Standard Service YES - Full Service
helpcomputing installs software that keeps an eye on the health of your server(s)
helpcomputing installs software to allow it to keep a close eye on your computers
helpcomputing installs and configures additional remote software that performs more checks, allowing it to keep a closer eye on aspects of your server, offering the best monitoring available
helpcomputing can spot conditions and will recommend action that you can take to look after your computers
helpcomputing can potentially spot more conditions and can take or recommend proactive action to look after your computers
COST per month FREE £20.00 per server £30 per server
DIscount on standard helpcomputing Remote Service rates 0% 15% 30%
Click a button to make your choice...

Whichever choice you make, helpcomputing NEVER has access to your data. helpcomputing would only be able to actually connect to your computer with your password-protected permission. We will work with your existing security and security policies.

Additional Services:
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Get expert IT help, should you ever need it, at a discount because you are in the helpcomputing club!
15% off – get help from £25.50 30% off – get help from £21.00

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