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Which will you choose?

Welcome. We have two computer packages for you to choose from. We also have three server options to choose from. So you and your business are spoilt for choice! We've been driven by our experiences in the corporate I.T. world and our experiences working with small business as we worked to design these options.

We know that small businesses would find it hard to justify the normal costs of around £20 to £50 per computer per month, as well as the additional remote and call out charges associated with usual I.T. Support Contracts.

We're happy to present to you the options below.

We have a standard package that keeps an eye on your computers, and a premium package that keeps a closer eye just as an IT Department might. Both packages offer our Remote Services at a discounted rate, should you need us.

Choose this package so that your computers benefit from an IT Department, keeping an eye on your computers. On the MONITORING, a helpcomputing member of staff would connect to each of your computers to perform an Initial Check.

Choose this package if your computers would benefit from a greater level of cover, if you perhaps rely on your computers. Choose this package if you feel that your computers could do with the additional scrutiny this package offers. On the PROACTIVE, a helpcomputing member of staff would connect to each of your computers to perform a more rigorous Full Security Check.

We also have a range of options to help look after the most important computer in your network, the server.
Click the Server Options button below to learn more.

You are able to mix the above options to suit your business requirements.

These packages are only available for Windows-based computers.

One-off Setup Costs £10.00 per computer £20.00 per computer From £20 - £90 per server
helpcomputing installs software that keeps an eye on the health of your computer(s)
helpcomputing connects to your computers and ensures that it is well set up
YES - Initial Check YES - Security Check YES - varied services
helpcomputing installs software to allow it to keep a close eye on your computers
helpcomputing installs and configures additional remote software that performs more checks, allowing it to keep a closer eye on aspects of your computer, offering the best monitoring available
helpcomputing can spot conditions and will recommend action that you can take to look after your computers YES YES Depending on option chosen
helpcomputing can spot more conditions and can take or recommend proactive action to look after your computers
NO YES Depending on option chosen
COST per month
£10.00 per computer £15.00 per computer From £20 - £30 per server
DIscount on standard helpcomputing Remote Service rates 15% 30% Between 15% - 30%
Click a button to make your choice...

Whichever choice you make, helpcomputing NEVER has access to your data. helpcomputing would only be able to actually connect to your computer with your password-protected permission. We will work with your existing security and security policies.

Additional Services:
Remote Services

Get expert IT help, should you ever need it, at a discount because you are in the helpcomputing club!
15% off – get help from £25.50 30% off – get help from £21.00

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