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terms for your home package.

You might want to know what you are setting up.

helpcomputing would never want to tie you up in any lengthy stuff so here's what you can expect from the HOME Package, the package that keeps an eye on your computers for you, lets you know about any problems and how you can solve them, and gets you affordable IT support should you need it:

a) There are no fixed term contracts between helpcomputing and you (or your company). You are free. You aren't bound; you can cancel your HOME subscription at any time.

b) Though unlikely, should helpcomputing need to cancel your HOME subscription helpcomputing will give you at least 30 days notice.

c) If you have signed up to Microsoft's OneDrive 1TB service to backup and keep your documents safe, then you are bound for a minimum term of one year. The service is automatically renewed for another year, each year.

d) There are no defined Service Level Agreements; if we are busy, we may not always be able to respond to any call as quickly as you would like, but we'll always do our best. As a registered HOME Customer, you will have priority lines of contact to helpcomputing and you will be a priority over normal customer requests and enquiries.

e) Our service is provided to you via the Internet. Our service therefore depends on Internet connectivity being available between our offices and your office, or at your location if you are on a laptop.

f) When you set up your subscription, you are paying monthly in advance.

g) Should you cancel your subscription at any time, helpcomputing would still provide monitoring cover for the remaining days in your month and still honour any discounts on any remote work you require during the remaining period.

h) Should helpcomputing cancel your subscription giving at least 30 days notice, helpcomputing would still provide service for the remaining days in your month and provide a final further 30 days if required, if your final direct debit has been paid. helpcomputing would still honour any discounts on any remote work you require during the remaining periods.

i) You will only be entitled to a discount on remote services, where a member of helpcomputing is able to connect to a registered computer to perform work or a service to correct a problem or an issue.

j) With the HOME Package, your computer will be better protected than if you had Anti-Virus alone. But just as Anti-Virus still cannot guarantee total protection, the HOME Package cannot offer your computer total protection. For example, a power surge might still damage your computer. Or a component may suddenly fail without time for it to be detected.

Right! That's the small print out of the way, and we hope that was ok for you. Drop us an email at if you have any questions.


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