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Support for your business.

Sometimes you need a lot of help for a short period of time. And then not so much help for a short period of time. And after that, very little help - or no help at all.

What you do know is that you don't want to hire a full-time IT member of staff.

This is the kind of stuff that helpcomputing likes to do - support small and medium sized businesses, for as much or as little as they need. We currently have the capacity to take on only a few customers so that we are able to look after them well. And we do this by being as flexible as possible.

Take on one of these packages and helpcomputing will become your IT Staff and we can help with problems such as general support, Microsoft Office, email systems and support, training, computer fixes and repairs, support for Windows 10 and Windows Server as well as network problems and telephone problems.

Just the sort of stuff that helps your business to stay ahead.

Package Monthly Cost
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LEVEL ONE is the Projects and Systems Support package. It's the one to choose if you have any projects or processes that you need help with.

helpcomputing will be your IT member of staff and we'll support your business and your business processes. We'll look after your computers with specialized monitoring and Anti-Virus software and we'll make sure that your data is safely backed up.

On LEVEL ONE, your business is the priority and helpcomputing will work as quickly as possible to support your business. You'll get a Priority Support Number to call. Projects, Tasks and Problems are included in LEVEL ONE and you won't have any additional charges.

Most customers that are on LEVEL ONE move down to LEVEL TWO after a month or two, once any projects and tasks are completed.


LEVEL TWO is the support package.

Your processes and systems are working well and your urgent projects have completed but you still feel that you need more IT Support. Perhaps you need help with training. Or continued support with your business processes. Perhaps you'd like to push on with some website marketing.

You probably don't need the priority support of LEVEL ONE and so this is where LEVEL TWO takes over. Projects aren't included but Tasks and Problems are included in LEVEL TWO and you won't have any additional charges for these.

helpcomputing will be your IT member of staff. And we'll discuss what you need. LEVEL ONE customers still have a higher level of priority, but LEVEL TWO is still a good priority. You'll receive support before our general customers and you'll retain our Priority Support Number. Our support to you may mostly be remote support, but we'll still be able to visit your offices should you need us.


The RETAINER package is the final stage in IT Support for your business. But there's no reason why you couldn't choose it as your first stage - it's always what works best for you. If you switch to the RETAINER you will still retain our Priority Support Number and helpcomputing will still behave as your IT member of staff.

Your processes and systems continue to work well and the support that you'll receive from now on will be mostly by remote support. The RETAINER is a good way to cut back on your IT costs when things are working well. helpcomputing will respond whenever you need some help.

Problems are included in RETAINER and you won't have any additional charges for resolving these. Certain Tasks from LEVEL TWO could be negotiated into your RETAINER package. helpcomputing will still monitor your computers to make sure that they are well and perform any tasks that may be required.

Your business. Supported.

Would you like to set up your package?

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