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Set up your Local Backups with helpcomputing

Here is where you can find out how to backup your computer to a local device. As you know, it is super-important that your computer is regularly backed up. Here, we work through the most popular way to carry out a backup - a scheduled backup to a Local Device.

You’ll get a shopping list of things to purchase so that you can achieve this task. But if you need additional help to get it all working in harmony, you can call in helpcomputing remotely using the button below.

Why should you backup to a Local Device?

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With a good backup software, you can fully backup your computer.

In an ideal world, you would keep a copy of your backup off-site for safe-keeping. Off-site could mean keeping it secured at your workplace, for example. You'd then need to have a routine where you swap off-site devices perhaps at least once a week.

This means that should disaster strike, you will have a recent copy of your computer and all its data on a separate device. You can use this device to restore back to a repaired computer, or to a new computer without losing any data.

Your Shopping List

helpcomputing recommends Acronis as the Backup Software of choice. helpcomputing makes no financial gain from choosing Acronis and this choice is based on experience with the software. It has all the attributes that IT Professionals would expect in backup software as well as a flexibility that allows it to be used in many backup scenarios and with many different types of backup devices.

It's also well priced!

Backup SoftwareAcronis True Image. Purchase and download with the link. This backup software costs about £35.

You would then own this software outright.

Backup Software
Local DeviceThis could be a USB drive that you have already. It could be another computer or a NAS.

The simplest way to get started is with an external USB drive.

You’ll probably need a 1TB device. helpcomputing recommends Western Digital. Click our Amazon Associates search button to choose the correct one.

A 1TB drive should cost about £50.
Local Backup Devices

There are two elements to your shopping list:

Backup Software is essentially a special app that you install on your computer. Backup Software can backup your computer for you, usually after you have created a schedule for it to do so.

Your Backup Software will copy everything to a Local Device that you connect to your computer. You’ll then have a backup safely on your device!

recommends that you purchase two Local Devices and alternate between the two, only ever leaving one connected to your computer. In the unlikely event of your computer being struck by a virus, only the currently attached device is at risk.

Need help setting this all up? Click the button below to call helpcomputing in remotely!

Order your helpcomputing services

We can connect to your computer and set things up for you. We’ll make sure that your documents etc are properly backed up to your local device. Finally, to make life easier for you, we can remotely monitor your backups for you.

You won't have to worry. helpcomputing will keep a watchful eye, free of charge. And only if you'd like us to. If for some reason your backups have been failing, we'll let you know.

No. of computers to install and config Acronis Backup Software
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