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Now that we do so much more with you and your computers, we've now got you a login button. You can click it to see your computers and do other stuff too. Log in and see.

We've got more services too. We now supply and support Office 365 for Business for example. We can advise you on GDPR and furnish your business with low cost Support Contracts. With our support contracts, we can remotely support your servers and computers.

But if you are based in and around London and you need someone on-site for any length of time, part-time or full-time - let us know. We have experience of providing support to small, medium and large companies and in particular, in Legal and Banking sectors. We are happy to parachute in to cover holidays and short terms to cover BAU.

However we evolve, we are still helpcomputing and whether you are a home user or a business user, we've got you.

Select your business maintenance contract

Maintenance Contracts for Business

Depend on your computers? Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, we can offer you a support contract for your desktops, laptops and servers that will maintain your computers. We call them our Mini Computer Support Contract and our our Mini Server Support Contract. They are "mini" because it's unlike a Full Computer and Server Support Contract, where other support contract companies can charge £30 - £100 per computer or server, per month. And yet, our contracts will provide you with all the freedom, flexibility and cover you need.

Click through now to find out how we can give your business priority support at prices that surpasses the competition.

Get an Anti Virus that is remotely maintained by helpcomputing

Our own bespoke Anti-Virus Software

We have been working with Avast to produce what we call an Integrated Anti-Virus. Avast is perhaps the world's largest producer of some of the best Anti-Virus products around. helpcomputing's Integrated Anti-Virus is called CloudCare AV and it works with our remote systems. Now, helpcomputing will know when your computer has a virus problem and we can help. helpcomputing will know when your computer hasn't run a scan in a while and we can help.

Helpful Anti-Virus. You'll get full strength Anti-Virus that goes beyond the things that free AV does, and beyond other paid AV too, to protect you better. And all from as little as £29 per computer, per year! Click the image on the left for more details.

Upgrade your mailbox to a Professional Mailbox here

Professional Mailboxes

Why choose our Professional Mailboxes? And why pay for a mailbox when you can use a Hotmail mailbox for free? Well, it's for pretty much the same reasons that a company would never use free mailboxes like Hotmail and Gmail - they are just not featured enough, or professional enough for business use. One of our Professional Microsoft Exchange-based Mailboxes lets you use your own domain, or company name, so that you are immediately more professional. helpcomputing hosts your mailbox on triple servers for super-reliability. helpcomputing uses Exchange Server so you'll get the features that corporates and large companies enjoy - including having your mailbox available on any device, anywhere in the world - from £5.00 per month.

Bitdefender Anti Virus for your Mac

Bitdefender Anti-Virus Software for Apple Mac

We've not forgotten about our Mac Users either! You can sign up here for the superb Bitdefender product. This product has been designed for the Mac but is equally adept at protecting PCs. It's business-grade software and it is obsessed about protecting your Mac or your PC.

And you'll still get full strength Anti-Virus that goes beyond the things that free AV does, to protect you better. And all from as little as £20 per computer, per year! Click the image on the left for more details.

Other services that we supply include computer fixes. We specialise in repairing the unfixable. The computer ravaged by viruses. The computer that has become the treacle-slow computer. We cap our computer repair and computer fix servicing so that you don't get bill shock.

We'll diagnose your computer firstly, free of charge. Your computer fault might be straightforward and we'll just tell you how to fix it, free of charge. It might be a quick fix and we'll charge you £30.00. Whatever ails your computer, you'll get a quote first so that you don't get bill shock.

Need help with a faulty computer? Click the blue screen at the top of this page to get started.

Do you need more general IT Support? Whether you are a home user or a business, our advice is free and you don't need a contract with helpcomputing to get help. We should get to know you first and the best way to do that is to open up a free account on this website. You can then add your computers to your account and we can get a better picture of the computers you have. You can then get the IT Support you need.

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