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Here comes help.

And we can’t wait to help you. We’ve been working on our pricing and we’ve made sure that you get our usual super benefits, flexibility and fairness. Here’s a quick table sampler of our costs:

Package Monthly Cost
HOME £8.00 (£3 per additional computer)
BUSINESS ONE £16.56 per person
BUSINESS TWO £21.56 per person
BUSINESS ENTERPRISE From £18.00 per person*
*businesses with 41-50 employees

These are our main support packages but we can customise them to suit you. In the example costs above, BUSINESS ONE and BUSINESS TWO are supplied with Microsoft 365 Business Basic. There are options that you can add or subtract to get just the right help for you.


Want to see if our HOME cover is good for you and your home computers? helpcomputing will install software to keep an eye on your computer's vitals. Click here to find out what else we can do for you.


helpcomputing will install two types of monitoring software. And install a top-quality Antivirus that will be connected to helpcomputing's systems, so that we'll know if your computer has a problem. Click here to see what else is in this powerful package.


For businesses, this package has perhaps two key advantages over Business One: priority service and 30% off remote support. From the BUSINESS TWO Package, you will be able to access our other BUSINESS TWO services such as Server Support. See how we've built a BUSINESS TWO Package that includes full versions of Microsoft Office here.


Designed to support businesses that want to establish a cost-effective IT Support with predicatble and minimal costs, when compared with traditional onsite IT Support. But you don't have to be big business to choose the BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Package.

This is the support to choose if you want no additional costs for remote support and an additional helpcomputing member that acts as your IT support staff.

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