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Get help

You are looking at this page from your unwell computer. And this means that it is quite possible that we can help you remotely. It is cheaper if helpcomputing is able to work on your computer remotely.

Your Windows computer should now automatically start to download helpcomputing's software so that we can connect to it.

If you are using Microsoft Edge, or Google Chrome, helpcomputing's software would download to the bottom left of the browser window.

In Firefox, a message would pop up, asking you to save the file. Firefox stores downloads under a blue arrow in the top right.

If nothing seems to be downloading, you can click the blue monitor screen below to start the download.

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Find and open your download.
It's either in the bottom left of your browser. Or the top right of your browser, under a blue arrow. You might need to chose 'Run' when prompted. Depending on the version of Windows that your computer runs you might need to again confirm that our software, based on software from Comodo Security Solutions, should run.

The install process is quiet, and depending on the speed of your computer, could take 5 minutes or so to complete.

... help is on the way

Once done, you might notice that our software - helpcomputing Client - Communication has been installed. You can get to this software through your System Tray (bottom right of your screen, where the clock is displayed).

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Find the software icon in your system tray. You may have to click the 'up' arrow in the system tray to find it. It is the helpcomputing logo.

Some things that are good to know:

1. Our link only allows a helpcomputing technician to connect to your computer. No one else and nothing else can use this link to access your computer.

2. When you fill in the Submit ticket form, this information is sent only to helpcomputing.

3. Your helpcomputing technician will only connect to your computer with your permission. Without your permission, helpcomputing will not access your computer.

And that's it.

We'll agree a time with you to connect to your computer, and if we can fix it remotely, we'll let you know. We'll give you a quote that we'll stick to. And if we can't fix your computer remotely, we'll give you any money you have paid back. Or give you options where we'll visit to collect and fix your computer.

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