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FAQ's for your Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE

So, what happens once the Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE package is set up?
We can keep an eye on your servers for you using our Monitoring systems. We'll check to see if any security patches or updates are due and we'll apply them. Thereafter, we will monitor your server and we will connect autonomously to perform any required maintenance. If any work requires server downtime, we will check with you firstly and schedule accordingly. 

Your server reports back to helpcomputing on conditions such as memory utilization and disk capacity. We instruct your server to log any additional information to its local files that might be useful should your computer develop a problem.

Monitoring does not send any of your data to helpcomputing and the monitoring process itself does not give any kind of access to helpcomputing at all.

But now we can keep an eye on your server for you.

Does this mean that you can access my documents etc.?
Monitoring does not send any of your personal data to helpcomputing, or to anywhere else, and it does not give any kind of access to helpcomputing at all.

But this is the Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE service and so you would grant helpcomputing full access to your server so that we may carry out any maintenance or take any preventative action necessary on your server.

helpcomputing behaves as your IT Department.

If we access your server, it will always be only so that we can complete any such work. helpcomputing will not knowingly access any business or personal data. helpcomputing will never copy, transfer, or otherwise misuse any business or personal data.

Your service could instead be transferred to the Cairos SERVER MONITORING service, where helpcomputing only monitors your server; you would then change the password to the Remote Access software and then only grant access to helpcomputing when you require our services.

When does Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE start to work?
Our Computer Systems work with yours and monitoring starts immediately. Our systems continue to monitor, checking for example that services have started ok.

So, what happens if monitoring reveals a problem?
We might often receive false alarms, but we'll keep monitoring. Some alerts are relatively benign, like Your Computer Needs a Restart. This is, for example, required after security updates were applied. We wouldn't normally bother you unless we detect that your server hasn't been restarted for a few days, in which case we would organise to restart the server, notifying you firstly.

If Monitoring reveals a problem, we will assess whether the problem can be fixed during our next maintenance window, and if it can, we will do so, notifying you, of course.

If the problem is significant and would need significant resources (i.e. the problem couldn't be fixed during the maintenance window) we will let you know. If the problem can be fixed remotely, we will plan this with you and there will be no charge.

If the problem is such that it can only be resolved via an On-site visit, for example because the server has suffered a hardware fault, we will explain this to you. Our On-site Services are chargeable and we would urgently schedule an appointment with you.

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