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FAQ's for your Cairos Proactive

So, what happens once the Cairos Proactive package is set up?

We can keep an eye on your computer for you using our Monitoring systems.

Your computer reports back to helpcomputing on conditions such as memory utilization and disk capacity. We instruct your computer to log any additional information to its local files that might be useful should your computer develop a problem.

Monitoring does not send any of your data to helpcomputing and it does not give any kind of access to helpcomputing at all.

But now we can keep an eye on your computer for you.

Does this mean that you can access my documents etc.?

Monitoring does not send any of your personal data to helpcomputing, or to anywhere else, and it does not give any kind of access to helpcomputing at all.

When does Cairos Proactive start to work?

Our Computer Systems work with yours usually when you first turn your computer on, checking for example that services have started ok.

If you are using Cairos Proactive and you also use helpcomputing's Anti-Virus service then we will monitor on both services for you. We will then be able to monitor your Anti-Virus for you, an important security aspect of your computer system.

Click here if you would like to purchase helpcomputing's Anti-Virus service to complement and strengthen your computer's protection and monitoring. If monitoring then indicates a problem with a virus and you also have our helpcomputing CloudCare Anti-Virus, we can do things like initiating a full sweep of your computer without actually connecting to your PC.

So, what happens if monitoring reveals a problem?

We might often receive false alarms, but we'll keep monitoring. Some alerts are relatively benign, like Your Computer Needs a Restart. This is, for example, required after security updates were applied. We wouldn't normally bother you unless we detect that your computer hasn't been restarted for a few days, in which case we'd send you an email.

If Monitoring reveals a problem, we'll send you an email with advice on fixing the problem. But if you still need our help, you can click here to jump to our special Request Help page.

This is a special version of our usual call logging page where you can request help at a discounted price, simply because you have our Cairos Proactive package. You can even use this page to request help on any other computer aspect, so it might be worth jumping to that page and bookmarking it.

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