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You have selected the Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE service.

This is the premier monitoring and maintenance service for your servers. We turn everything up in our monitoring systems so that we monitor your servers using all available checks.

Here's what we will do:
We initially perform a Full Service on each of your servers. We will let you know if there are any issues that need to be addressed. If these can be fixed remotely, there will be no charge under the Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE service.

We will monitor your server for any detectable problems using two monitoring systems software. We install powerful remote access software that allows us to look after your server as if we were actually in your office. So we can, for example, log in to fix problems. We can reboot your server to enable any fixes. And connect and log in again to check our fixes.

We install our own Anti-Virus variant and combine this with powerful monitoring systems to keep a constant check on your servers.

Here's what you will get:
Unlike the SERVER MONITORING service, where we designed in a virtual IT technician, for the SERVER PROACTIVE you'll get both a virtual IT technician and a virtual IT Server Engineer! These virtual guys work for you, protecting your server for £60 per month, or about £2 per day. helpcomputing will act as your IT Department, proactively logging onto your server to perform various monitoring and maintenance tasks. You agree to allow helpcomputing to do this as and when required.

We've additionally designed the Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE service so that there will be NO additional remote charges  for looking after your server. You would only be additionally charged, should we be required to make an on-site visit, perhaps to upgrade hardware, or to diagnose and rectify a physical fault.

This means that you'll have helpcomputing as your virtual IT Department, in your office. And just as you would expect an IT Department to maintain your security and confidentiality, we'll do the same by adhering to any policies you may have.

helpcomputing brings to you years of IT experience combined with years of customer service experience, and you'll be able to apply this to your servers for a set-up fee and a small monthly fee. Like one of those usual, more expensive and more binding contracts. Only more sensibly sized and more sensibly priced for your business.

Item Costs
Add a server to your Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE package. £90.00 per server
helpcomputing AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus (1 year)
£20.00 per server
Monthly Fee £60.00 per server

You can add any number of servers to your Cairos SERVER PROACTIVE package. You can only add servers based on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

After that, we'll remotely monitor your servers. We'll manage your server operating system in addition to your Anti-Virus, maintaining this aspect to ensure that any required service packs and updates are installed. We will connect to your servers autonomously, as your IT department would, to perform these maintenance activities. We'll normally perform any tasks that require downtime outside of office hours and we will always inform and check with you first.

If your server develops a problem and we feel that we can fix it during our maintenance window then we will. And we'll let you know. We'll otherwise be proactive and schedule another time with you to correct the problem.

Regular maintenance and monitoring will increase the reliability and security of your servers.

But if your server should develop a more serious problem, such as a disk problem or a severe virus problem that requires significant resources beyond what is possible remotely, we'll let you know. We can then offer you our on-site services at the highest priority.

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