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You have selected the Cairos SERVER MONITORING service.

You've chosen this as a way to help to take care of your server and its valuable data, by implementing powerful server monitoring. And it's a good choice.

Here's what we will do:
We install powerful Remote Access software on your server that only allows access to helpcomputing. We'll run a Security Check and then a Standard Service on your server to ensure that it is well set up. Think of this as a server health audit and our checks and service will fix most problems. If there are any significant problems found, we'll let you know. Your server might require extra work before we can fully set up the Cairos MONITORING SERVICE.

Every server needs a good Anti-Virus system, and your server might well have one. If it has, we will upgrade it to the helpcomputing CloudCare Anti-Virus. Its core Anti-Virus is supplied to helpcomputing by Avast, perhaps the largest and best supplier of Anti-Virus in the world. We then especially and uniquely configure for your server.

And then, finally, we install our monitoring systems. These systems will monitor your server, reporting on a range of events, making sure that your server is as healthy as possible.

Here's what you will get:
We've designed this service so that we can be your virtual monitoring service, a virtual IT technician complete with a virtual whitecoat and a virtual clipboard. This service costs £30 per month. That's about £1 per day. You'll have helpcomputing as your virtual IT technician, virtually in your office. Complete with that whitecoat and clipboard!

Servers are complicated and if your server develops a problem, or indicates for example that urgent security patches are required, monitoring can uncover this. Because we constantly monitor your server, we'll find out and let you know so that we can plan some maintenance with you to correct the problem.

As well as constant monitoring of your server, you'll also get a 10% discount on any remote or on-site work that may be required.

helpcomputing brings to you years of IT experience combined with years of customer service experience, and you'll be able to apply this to your computers for a small set up fee and a small monthly fee. Like one of those usual, more expensive and more binding contracts. Only more sensibly sized and more sensibly priced for your business.

Item Costs
Add a server to your Cairos SERVER MONITORING package. £50.00 per server
helpcomputing AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus (1 year)
£20.00 per server
Monthly Fee £30.00 per server

You can add any number of servers to your Cairos SERVER MONITORING package. You can only add servers that are based on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

And, because you join the Cairos SERVER MONITORING package, should your server need any kind of attention, you can get both our remote and on-site services at 10% off our usual prices.

So, if you'd like a virtual IT Department to keep an eye on your servers for only £30.00 per server, per month, and have the resources of an experienced IT team available to you at a discount, should you need it, click here to register.

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