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A closer look at the terms for your BUSINESS ENTERPRISE Package

Terms for your Telephone Service.

helpcomputing would never want to tie you up in any lengthy stuff so here's what you can expect from the Telephone Service:

a) Your Telephone Service is provided to you via the Internet, using data. Your Telephone Service therefore depends on Internet connectivity being available on the devices that you use. Telephone conversations use data and you should bear this in mind if using the service on your mobile. The data consumed in telephone calls is relatively small at about 100MB per hour. You would have to speak for an unlikely 50 hours before your data would run out on a 5GB mobile phone plan. Your mobile phone would perhaps be on Wi-Fi most of the time and so running out of data is unlikely, but we thought we should let you know.

b) Unlike a fixed phone line, your Telephone Service is available via almost any device, almost anywhere in the world. We have apps for almost any device and you can also access the Telephone Service via the web. But if you are outside of your home country you should be mindful when using data. Mobile data when used abroad can be expensive.

c) Hopefully this is a rare occasion for you or your company but if the Internet service to your office or home should go down, then the Telephone Service would be unavailable to you via your computers. If this should happen then if your mobile devices are still connected to the mobile network then your Telephone Service will remain available.

d) There are no fixed term contracts between helpcomputing and you (or your company). You are free. You aren't bound; you can cancel all your Telephone services, or any part of it at any time. So you can cancel NUMBERS or ADDITIONAL NUMBERS that you no longer need, for example, if an employee leaves.

e) Should you cancel any or all lines at any time, helpcomputing would still provide service for the remaining days in your billing period.

f) When you set up your direct debit, you are paying monthly in advance.

g) Though unlikely, should helpcomputing need to cancel your Telephone Services for any technical reason, helpcomputing will honour any remaining period of your billing cycle, giving you (or your company) at least 30 days notice.

h) helpcomputing offers a number porting service. We can port numbers from most UK network providers. Depending on the number that you wish to port into us, this may attract a small fee. Your first step would be to let us know the number that you would like to port - we'll check and let you know.

i) Should you wish to leave helpcomputing, we can also port your number to your new provider. We can port your numbers away free of charge, but you'll need to check that your new provider can port your numbers in.

j) If you needed to leave a deposit to lift the International Call Bar, you can apply for this to be returned to you after six months. If your account has been operating well, your deposit will be returned and your International Bar will remain lifted.

k) If you left a deposit to lift the Premium UK Call Bar, you can apply for this to be returned to you. The Premium UK Call Bar will then immediately be reinstated. We will then check that your account is in good order and return your deposit by your next billing cycle.

l) Free calls to the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand are subject to a Fair Use Policy.

Right! That's the small print out of the way. We've kept it to a minimum and we hope that was ok for you. Drop us an email at if you have any questions.


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