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Features of the BUSINESS TWO Package

What do you get with BUSINESS TWO?

We just wanted to make sure that you know what you’ll get when you sign up for BUSINESS TWO:

You get a virtual IT presence from helpcomputing. A virtual IT person with a clipboard that keeps an eye on your computers. To do this, helpcomputing monitors your computer's health using two systems.

You’ll also get helpcomputing's CloudCare Anti-Virus. It keeps a constant eye on your computer's security and alerts helpcomputing if there is a problem.

Priority over Business One and Home Package customers and general customers.

Free remote help for guidance and trivial problems.

30% Discount off any required Remote Support work.

With the Microsoft Business Basic option, you also get:

Latest versions of the Microsoft Office Apps. Update your old Microsoft Office with the latest versions. Install on up to 5 PC's or Macs.

Web and mobile versions of the latest Office Apps too. Great for firing up a browser somewhere when you can’t get to your computer, and then working in a Word document. Or an Excel sheet.

1TB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage so that everything is backed up.

Email Hosting with a 50GB business mailbox. You'll need your own domain name to utilize this.

Access to Microsoft Bookings. You could implement this on your website to allow customers to book appointments directly to your calendar.


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