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We can support your overseas offices with IT Support

What do you get with BUSINESS ENTERPRISE?

We just wanted to make sure that you know what you’ll get when you sign up for BUSINESS ENTERPRISE:

Hardware Support
helpcomputing will support your Windows desktops and laptops as well as printers and scanners.

Microsoft 365 Business
If your company uses Microsoft 365 Business, helpcomputing can provide support. Support can include administering your Microsoft 365 Business configuration as well as providing genenral support for Office Apps such as Word and Excel.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise
Support for Microsoft 365 Enterprise. If your company uses the Enterprise variant of Microsoft 365, helpcomputing can provide support for the extra features and functionalities in Microsoft 365 Enterprise. Support can include administering your Microsoft 365 Enterprise configuration as well as providing genenral support for Office Apps such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

General IT Support
Other IT software and hardware support. helpcomputing has years of experience of supporting a variety of systems whilst working for a variety of companies, including law firms and an international bank.

Support for your staff in the office
Support for your staff in the office would be normally provided remotely, within your Package. If your office is based in London, then onsite visits to the office can be arranged if necessary.

Support for your staff at home
Support is provided for members of your staff that work at home.

Remote Support
Free Remote Support – a member of helpcomputing will connect to your computer and help you resolve a problem.

Remote Fix
Free Remote Fix – if a problem can be fixed remotely, helpcomputing will do this free of charge.

Mobile Support
We can help with mobile and tablet support including iPhone and iPad.

Priority over other Business Packages, Home Package customers and general customers.

You’ll also gain an additional member of IT Support. We can integrate with your existing IT support or we can behave as your primary IT Support.

On-site support is also available if required at £50 per hour (normally £60 per hour). You should normally not need helpcomputing to be on-site as most processes, problems and issues can be solved remotely within your Package and at no extra cost to you.

Some problems can't be fixed remotely, such as a virus infection that blocks remote connection or a failing disk. These kinds of problems would require an on-site visit, but problems like these are thankfully rare.

Here are some sample on-site services that are available, but are chargeable at your reduced on-site rate:

On-site installation of new hardware like computers and networks.

On-site preparation of new hardware like computers, or reconfiguring existing hardware, for new joiners. Meeting new joiners, introducing the IT system to them and carrying out any required company health and safety processes.

Carrying out any IT processes that exist for employees that leave the company.

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