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Microsoft 365 for home

You have decided to choose a Microsoft 365 for home solution. We highlighted the most popular option with our customers, the Microsoft 365 Personal, and this is great value at £5.99 per month.

Your Next Steps

These are your outline steps that you should take to install Microsoft 365 apps on your computer.

1. Purchase Microsoft 365 Personal, or choose and purchase another Home option from Microsoft.

2. Install the Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your computers.

3. Set up OneDrive on your main computer and organise your documents, photos and videos on your computer so that OneDrive can protect and copy them up to the cloud.

Optionally set up OneDrive similarly on your other computers so that your documents are synchronised and copied down so that they are available on your other computers.

Have helpcomputing help

If you prefer, helpcomputing would be pleased to help. We’ll remotely help you set things up.

Setup costs £30 for your computer.

If you would like additional computers to be set up and we can connect to them at the same time, then additional computers are £15 each.

Follow the steps below if you would like helpcomputing to help!

Step 1

Please fill in the form below so that helpcomputing has your contact details. In accordance with GDPR, your details will be securely stored and will only be used for the purpose that you have supplied it for.

Step 2

Please make your payment below. You will be able to pay with PayPal or with any debit or credit card.

Please add the mobile number that you used in the form above. We'll use this to tie your payment in with your order.

Number of computers
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Step 3

Thank you for your order.

We'll start our paperwork and we will contact you to work out a convenient time with you. We will work remotely with you and we estimate that the work would take about an hour or so.