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Welcome to the BUSINESS ONE.

In BUSINESS ONE, you retain an entry business level of support from helpcomputing.

But helpcomputing are never too far away from your business and your computers because in BUSINESS ONE, helpcomputing will install two types of monitoring software. And install our Connected Anti-Virus. Made by Avast, our CloudCare Anti-Virus is connected to helpcomputing's monitoring systems, so that we'll know if your computer has a problem.


You'd like help, but you are prepared to wait. We'll be as quick as possible in responding to you. And in general, if help can easily be provided remotely then helpcomputing will do so free of charge. Otherwise, remote help is provided at £40 per hour, capped at two hours per incident, a saving of £10 per hour.

Protect your computer.

helpcomputing will install software to keep an eye on your computer's vitals. And install a top-quality Antivirus that will be connected to helpcomputing's systems. When your computer is connected to our systems, helpcomputing will often know if your computer has a problem before you do.

Package Monthly Cost
BUSINESS ONE (per computer) £10.00
CloudCare Monitoring inc
helpcomputing Monitoring inc
CloudCare Anti-Virus (per computer) £2.00
Microsoft 365 Business Basic (per person) £4.56
TOTAL £16.56
Initial Setup is £60 per computer.

Where perhaps one person might use several computers, only one monthly cost of £4.56 is required for Microsoft 365 Business Basic. helpcomputing would make sure that your quotation reflects this.

Protecting your data.

BUSINESS ONE will keep an eye on your computers. But something might still happen. helpcomputing recommends protecting your documents, files and media – automatically. And the best way is to backup your files to the cloud.

We’ve chosen Microsoft OneDrive as the best option – and the Microsoft Business Basic solution is very good value for obtaining 1TB of cloud space. That should be more than enough for your documents, files and more. But there are options for more space, should your business require it.

We’ll help set this up for you. OneDrive is available on desktops and laptops as well as your mobile device. Once set up, you will be able to have all your stuff safely backed up to the cloud. And access your stuff from anywhere.

If you make a change to a document on your desktop, for example, that change is automatically backed up to the cloud. You could then turn on your laptop, for example, and find that your amended document is also there on your laptop too. A feature that is important for many business customers is Version History. With Version History, you could recover an older version of a document from as old as 93 days ago.

Your data. Protected.

Protecting your data with Microsoft Business Basic is an optional extra. If you would prefer to remove this option or you already have a backup system for your files in your company then helpcomputing would be pleased to remove Microsoft Business Basic from your package.

The Initial Setup for BUSINESS ONE would then be reduced to £40.00 per computer.

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