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Looking into the best deals for IT Support


BUSINESS ENTERPRISE is best suited to companies that want predictable IT Support Costs without the costs involved in hiring an additional IT member of staff. BUSINESS ENTERPRISE seeks to reduce your IT support costs by offering you remote IT support at a cost-effective price.

BUSINESS ENTERPRISE is the package that is focused on supporting you and your employees. Unlike the other packages it does not include computer maintenance and monitoring, although we can build an inclusive custom package for you if required.

BUSINESS ENTERPRISE is the package to choose if you want to establish IT Support for your company or if you are looking to reduce your current IT costs.

Your company gets the top level of support from helpcomputing. With a dedicated support number to call, your company is the priority.


You'd like help, and you'd like it as soon as possible. You'll have priority over Business Two, Business One and Home customers. Most problems can be fixed remotely, and remote help is included in this Package and is free of charge. This is a saving of £50 per hour on normal helpcomputing charges.

Start your IT Support.

The table below will help you to decide if BUSINESS ENTERPRISE is the package for you. You can calculate your IT Support Costs and see if you would make any savings compared with your current IT Support arrangement. Choose the BAND that corresponds with the number of employees that you would register for support with helpcomputing.

BAND Number of employees Monthly Cost per employee
BE1 2 to 5 £60.00
BE2 6 to 10 £50.00
BE3 11 to 20 £40.00
BE4 21 to 30 £30.00
BE5 31 to 40 £22.00
BE6 41 to 50 £18.00

The initial set up will depend on you and your company, and we’ll talk to you.

Initial Setup for each computer is £20 per computer, and this can be done remotely. We perform an initial check on each computer and install our remote software so that we can look after you remotely.

You might require helpcomputing to be on-site in the office to be familiar with your equipment and processes. This is chargeable and this might require perhaps 0.5 day to two days on-site.

But if you do require us to be initially on-site, then whilst there, we may be able to perform the setup for as many computers as possible without any additional charge.

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