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You're about to set up your own Cairos SERVER MONITORING package, the package that offers your company your own virtual IT Department, keeps an eye on your servers for you, lets you know about any problems and how you can solve them, and gets you affordable IT support should you need it.

But whilst we won't be anywhere near as regimented as a full-blown Contract package, we thought that you should know what you are about to setup:

a) There are no fixed term contracts between helpcomputing and you (or your company). You are free. You aren't bound; you can cancel your subscription at any time.

b) There are no defined Service Level Agreements; if we are busy, we may not always be able to respond to any call as quickly as you would like, but we'll always do our best. Server issues take a priority over all other issues. As a registered Business Customer, you will have priority lines of contact to helpcomputing and you will be a priority over our registered Home Customers and all other customers. 

c) Our service is provided to you via the Internet. Our service therefore depends on Internet connectivity being available in your office, or at your location if you are on a laptop.

d) When you set up your subscription, you are paying monthly in advance.

e) Should you cancel your subscription at any time, helpcomputing would still provide monitoring cover for the remaining days in your month and still honour any discounts on any remote work you require during the remaining period.

f) As with any Anti-Virus product, helpcomputing cannot guarantee that your server could not be infected. But in addition to helpcomputing's Anti-Virus being well configured and configured to automatically update, helpcomputing's additional human monitoring means that your server is better protected.

g) You will only be entitled to a discount on remote services, where a member of helpcomputing is able to connect to a registered computer to perform work or a service to correct a problem or an issue.

h) With the Cairos SERVER MONITORING package, your server will be better protected than if you had Anti-Virus alone. But just as Anti-Virus still cannot guarantee total protection, Cairos SERVER MONITORING cannot offer your server total protection. For example, a power surge might still damage your server. Or a component may suddenly fail without time for that component's failure to be detected.
Right! That's the small print out of the way, and we hope that was ok for you. Drop us an email at if you have any questions, but if not, then let's get your computers covered!


1. Set up your Cairos SERVER MONITORING account by filling in the form below.

2. Register your Cairos SERVER MONITORING package by choosing the number of servers that you want to register and then clicking the button below to pay the registration fee. You'll be returned back to this page after you have completed this purchase so that you can complete Step 3. 
Prices include Anti-Virus

3. Set up your Cairos SERVER MONITORING subscription by choosing the correct number of servers to be covered below.

Your Cairos SERVER MONITORING Subscription

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