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Paul Traub Associates has 30 years of experience in Defence, Rail, and Nuclear domains. This includes working on Military Aircraft, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Signalling Systems, Nuclear Power Plants, Trains, Submarines, Industrial Sites and NATO's Submarine Rescue System.

Paul Traub Associates
has worked with a number of specialist and blue-chip clients, including BAE Systems, Babcock Marine, MBDA, Boeing Defence and the Ministry of Defence. Non-defence clients include Altran, London Underground, Network Rail, EON, Magnox and EDF.

Paul Traub Associates partners with a number of prestigious companies, including STS Defence and Qinetiq.

Paul Traub Associates
offers a depth of experience in Human Factors and Ergonomics that is unparalleled. Paul Traub Associates Limited has been well-established and continues to offer a depth of expertise and quality that is unmatched.

Paul Traub Associates is a limited company, company number 06716018, registered in England.

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Paul Traub Associates Limited has over 30 years of experience in working in hazardous industries. We provide a unique, pragmatic, yet focused approach. Our technical expertise reflects our uncompromising focus on quality that provides value for money.

Our current portfolio includes a number of blue chip organisations and niche specialist companies.

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Who we partner with


Paul Traub Associates Limited partners with a number of specialist companies. Click the button below to find examples of some of the companies we partner with.

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Who we work with


Paul Traub Associates has worked in numerous industries, with extensive experience in Rail, Nuclear, Defence, Oil and Gas and Commercial.

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