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FAQ's for your Cairos SERVER AV

So, what happens once the Cairos SERVER AV package is set up?
We can keep an eye on the Anti-Virus we installed on your server for you using our Monitoring systems.

Your server reports back to helpcomputing on conditions such as whether the Anti-Virus is up to date and whether a full scan has been run recently. It will report on any viruses etc. that  it has stopped.

Monitoring does not send any of your data to helpcomputing and it does not give any kind of access to helpcomputing at all.

But now we can keep an eye on your Anti-Virus for you.

Does this mean that you can access my documents etc.?
Monitoring does not send any of your personal data to helpcomputing, or to anywhere else, and it does not give any kind of access to helpcomputing at all.

The Remote Access software that you installed on our behalf may give access to helpcomputing, but only if you allow it (you can control our access via the password). If we access your server - and this is only possible with your permission - it will always be only so that we complete any agreed work. helpcomputing will not knowingly access any business or personal data. helpcomputing will never copy, transfer, or otherwise misuse any business or personal data.

When does Cairos SERVER AV start to work?

Our Computer Systems work with yours usually when you first turn your computer on, checking for example that services have started ok.

So, what happens if AV monitoring reveals a problem?
If the helpcomputing CloudCare Anti-Virus flags a problem up, such as your server not having run a scan in a while, then we can remotely initiate a full scan. If your server has detected a virus that needs a decision, we can remotely take that decision, usually this is to quarantine such a virus.

Some alerts are relatively benign, like Your Computer Needs a Restart. This is, for example, required after security updates were applied. We wouldn't normally bother you unless we detect that your computer hasn't been restarted for a few days, in which case we would initially send you an email.

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