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Cairos Monitoring

You've chosen the Cairos Monitoring service.

We'll monitor all your office computers using two monitoring systems. We'll use our remote monitoring systems to initially make basic checks on your computers. Once this is done, we'll schedule some time to remotely connect to your computers to perform our Initial Check.

You'll have helpcomputing as your virtual IT Department, in your office.

helpcomputing brings to you years of IT experience combined with years of customer service experience, and you'll be able to apply this to your computers for a small set up fee and an even smaller monthly fee.

Item Costs
Add a computer to your Cairos Monitoring package. £20.00 per computer
Initial Check £0.00 per computer
Monthly fee £7.00 per computer

You can add any number of computers, including desktop and laptop computers to your Cairos Monitoring package. You can't add your server to this package. You should choose the Cairos Server packages if you need help with your server. You can't add any Apple computers to this package.

We'll roll out full monitoring to your computers in the office, and we'll perform an Initial Check on each of your computers. In this process we check that your computer is correctly set up, from a security point of view.

After that, we'll remotely monitor your computers. You'll actually have a greater level of monitoring than most IT Departments perform on their corporate computers.

And, if you need our help for any reason, you can get our remote service at 10% off our usual Remote prices.

So if you'd like a virtual IT Department to keep an eye on all your office computers for only £7.00 per computer, per month, and have the resources of an experienced IT team available to you - should you need it - click here to register.
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