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Hello, Member. You are logging a call with helpcomputing...

You've been directed to this page because you are entitled to discounted prices, just because you are a member of Cairos Monitoring! The prices below have been reduced by 10%. It's good to be in our gang. 

You should log your call now. This all works best if you are logging the call from the computer that has a problem. You will find a triangular-shaped Comodo icon in your system tray in the bottom right hand corner. Right-click on this icon and choose 'Submit ticket'.

We will then arrange with you to connect and fix the problem.

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Once you've submitted your ticket, you are in our service queue and we'll look after you just as soon as we can. Our ticket software will look like the image above. In the Issue Details section, please also fill in your name and a contact number as well as a description of the problem, just so that we know which call is yours. Of course, we'll want to make sure that you are in our Cairos Monitoring gang to obtain these prices.

At this stage, you might choose to leave your computer on, if you know that we'll soon be able to look after you. Or you might need to shut down your computer. Your call will still be logged and so we can catch up with you at a more convenient time.

Some things that are good to know:

1. Our remote software only allows a helpcomputing technician to connect to your computer. No one else and nothing else can use our remote software to access your computer.

2. Your helpcomputing technician will only connect to your computer with your permission. He or she will request your verbal or written permission. Without your permission, helpcomputing will not remotely access your computer.

And that's it. We'll get to work on your computer, and if we can fix it remotely, we'll let you know. We'll give you a quote that we'll stick to. And if we can't fix your computer remotely, we'll give you your money back. Or give you options, if you are based in or around London, where we'll visit to collect and fix your computer.

Need to pay remotely?

You may need to pay remotely so that our technician can help you. You can use the Add to Cart button below to go to a page where you can do just that. You can use any major credit or debit card, or you can use PayPal.

We can usually fix most problems within an hour, but just in case it's a nasty problem, we'll limit our charge to two hours. And we'll continue to work until we fix the problem. 

Cairos Monitoring Remote Fix Options
Your name?
Your email address?

Your helpcomputing technician will have advised you on which of the three remote options above would suit you. We're geared up to help.

QUICK FIX Choose to pay this option if we've said that this option would be fine to solve a problem. This sort of fix would normally take under 30 mins and might include tasks such as checking that your computer is securely set up. We'll be pretty relaxed if the fix goes over this time. However, we reserve the right to ask you to choose a different option should we open the proverbial can of worms.

ONE HOUR Please pay this option if we've indicated that this would be best to solve your problem. Again, we'll be pretty relaxed if the fix goes over this time. But we reserve the right to ask you to choose a different option should we open up another proverbial can of worms.

MAX REPAIR We limit our charge to two hours. And we'll continue to work until we fix the problem. This option is typically required if your computer has been infected by a virus.

You'll benefit from the helpcomputing way. If we can't fix your computer remotely, we'll refund all of your money. If you had paid for a fix where we had to collect your computer, and we couldn't fix the problem (perhaps because a disk is just too corrupted, or because any required spare parts would make the job too expensive), we'd refund all your money, less a 15 collection-delivery charge.

Please call or email us if you have any questions, and we'll get right back to you.

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