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Here is where you can add additional cover for your computers. And here is where you can gain the sort of computer support you might only experience in a workplace, where they have a sizeable IT Department.

You can have helpcomputing be your IT Department.

You can join the helpcomputing Home package for an initial low one-off registration fee of £5.00 per computer (this will go up to £10 once the package is made available to more people). You can register up to 5 of your home-based computers.

Once you’ve registered, it’ll cost you nothing per month!

We’ll then set your computers up as you might imagine an IT Department would – so we’ll remotely monitor your computer and install a call logging button on your desktop.

Think of this button as your Bat-Signal. When you click it and then request help, we’ll know about it. We’ll schedule you in. And because you’ve signed up to the helpcomputing Home club, we’ll use our Remote Services to connect at a specially reduced rate to help get your computer back to normal.

Here are your benefits:
Item Costs
Add a computer to your helpcomputing Home package. £5.00 per computer
Monthly fee £0.00 per computer

If our monitoring indicates a problem, we’ll email you and let you know how you can fix the problem. But if you still need us, you can get our remote service at a reduced price.

And if you need us for any other computer-related problem, you can still log a remote service call to us at the same reduced rates, just because you are a part of the helpcomputing Home club!

So, if you’d like a virtual IT Department to keep an eye on your computers for nothing per month – and only pay £5.00 per computer for the privilege, click here to register.

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